Solid Entertainments Presents LINCOLN Blues Festival Acts.

Elles Bailey has a talent for crafting and seamlessly weaving rootsy blues, country, and soulful rock, with a contemporary edge. What’s more fate has blessed her with a ‘smoky vocal’ style that perfectly fits her music, after a stint in hospital as a child changed her voice forever.

Her debut album Wildfire (Sept 1st 2017) which debuted at no.2 in the iTunes blues Charts was tracked in Blackbird studios Tennessee. Produced by Brad Nowell ‘Wildfire’ assembled a host of Nashville’s finest, including Grammy Award winning guitarist Brent Mason and three-time ‘Musician Hall Of Famer’ Bobby Wood. Blended together back in the UK with the likes of Jonny Henderson (Robyn Ford, Matt Schofield) on Hammond organ and Joe Wilkins on blistering guitar, the result is a unique trans-Atlantic coming together of styles.

Reviewers have been wowed by Elles and her debut album with Maverick Magazine gave ‘Wildfire’ top marks (5/5) calling every song ‘Fresh & Original’ And Blues In Britain reminding us that ‘It’s a fact that very few make it to the big stage but Elles Bailey has the necessary talent, the drive, and now the product.’

Thr3e “These guys are the rock fans favourite blues band and the blues fans favourite rock band”. So read a 2016 review of the band’s debut album “30 Day Hop” and the guys in Thr3e could not have put it any better themselves. Powerhouse blues rock songs, written by the band and performed with energy, feeling and passion. That is Thr3e. A style firmly rooted in 60s/70s British blues but with influences ranging widely from the old blues originals to more recent US and British rock and blues, Thr3e do not try to fit in to any “genre”. They just write great songs about what happens in their world and play them from the heart. Twin guitarists bouncing licks off each other and with tight vocal harmonies to boot. Originally formed as a trio of guitarist/singer/songwriter Steve Woodward, bassist Rob Butterfield and drummer Pete Castle, Thr3e released their debut album “30 Day Hop” at the end of 2015. They added guitarist/singer/songwriter Carlos Linnet in 2016, doubling the band’s vocal and guitar power. Rik King now completes the line-up on bass and vocals for the foreseeable future. A few live shows are booked for 2017/18 with more to be confirmed, and the band is already writing songs for a second album planned for 2018. If you like it bluesy, hard edged yet still musical, then you’ll love this!