Félix Rabin is a singer-songwriter and gifted guitarist. The French 23 year was inspired by musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Pink Floyd.....his style embodies these influences and blends contemporary Rock, with inventive riffs and moody melodies.

Loving music as long as he can recall, the desire to play came suddenly and when Félix picked up his first guitar at 15.......this is when the story began. After touring around France, playing several times at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland where he was born and lived since childhood, Félix is now ready to take his music and open doors in new territories. Fortunately, one of these is the UK!

Given the amazing response he has received after only a handful of appearances in this country, he says; "As a French guy, I really can feel that music is much more into the culture of English people - I mean you can feel that Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and all the other great ones come from here !"

Eliana Cargnelutti Band is the solo project of Eliana Cargnelutti, a guitar player and singer from north Italy. Eliana is the new hope of the rock blues and one of the rare real front women of the European scene. She’s a strong singer, a crafty guitarist and she plays a flavour of rock blues with a bit of everything in between: electric funk mixed with pop and raw rock, tight blues grooves.. Her sets truly have something for everyone. Eliana’s first CD is “Love Affairs” with Scott Henderson as special guest; her second CD “Electric Woman” come out in January 2015 for Ruf Records Label, and also her 3rd CD is a Ruf Records Label project: “Girls with Guitars 2015” and Eliana has been on tour throughout 2015 from Europe to Us with this band.

We are two brothers, Alessandro and Marco Cinelli, and we come from Latina, Italy. Musically we grew up together, on the trail of all the artists that our father Domenico, a true music lover, used to show us. He would spin records all day long, and just from a very early age we used to dance to Stevie Ray Vaughan not even knowing what his face looked like. Dad used to play guitar in church, and used to drum for fun. Marco picked up the guitar at the age of eleven, Ale started the drums when he was seven. We have a four year gap between us so let’s say we started together. We used to spin records and play along, sing and fool around swapping instruments all our youth. Marco left to live abroad and four years later so did Ale. We finally reunited in London in from 2015 to play every now and then, since Marco was still living in Paris, and steadily from 2017. We didn’t have a band then, nor an intention whatsoever to form one. Ale, who was the one who knew more the scene in the city, soon got well esteemed as a session player and became a steady house drummer in most of blues jams. Marco would come occasionally to play and got introduced to the bluesmen ring, so that soon we could host our own show under the name of the Cinelli Brothers. We met this fantastic bass player Enzo Strano, a Sicilian guy settled in UK since teenage. He impressed us right away for his massive stage presence, his magical touch on the bass as well for his simplicity. The kind of bass player you know how great he is when you play with someone else. Enzo joined the band immediately as he previously jammed with Ale and got to know him better. We started as a trio at the Ain’t Nothing but Blues bar, like most of the blues bands in London. We used to play songs from Muddy Waters, BB King, Bo Didley, Willie Dixon, Elmore James, but also Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway, everything that made sense to us. We loved to shuffle jazz, blues and soul in the same night, feeding people with different sonorities. The sound was unique and the crowd truly went crazy each time we performed. Marco has got an Arline Tuxedo as “axe” that he bought second hand in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He plays with thick strings dropping the tuning in D, and he never plays plectrum, solely fingers. His voice is soulful, but he can phrases the right blues notes. Ale plays smooth, but groovy, and the pocket is there. Most of the time we are indisciplined and lousy as the show presses, but the machine works like a clockwork. People go nuts dancing on the table. One day Marco came up with this Muddy’s tune, “Forty Days and Forty Nights” and he said he was never going to play it anymore without an harmonica, because what makes the song special is just the messing-around chops of Little Walter over Muddy’s lead. We decided to call Rollo Markee on Harmonica for our next show. He is a wizard, he can bend notes like we’ve never heard before. He’s got this weird sound coming from his amp that sometimes can buzz like a fly or snort like a buffalo. He brought us to an higher level, and boy did we sounded bluesy! To expand the sound beyond we would call a guitar player or a keyboard player, among which our favourite was Alberto Manuzzi, an other fellow countryman. With this quintet formula we had a couple of successful shows as the crowd started really to be pissed that we didn’t have any record to sell, any website, nothing. We decided to write some songs and record an album. Marco had written already a bunch of blues songs so the writing task was rather easy. He’s got skill in producing and organising recording session, and with his brother decided to make an album the old fashion way, all analog and live-in-the-studio. We wanted to have something that sounded like the records that dad used to spin. A great blues record! We went with the quintet featuring Strano, Markee and Manuzzi at the Soup Studio, London. Everything was finalised, rehearsed, recorded and mixed on the spot, tape and plate reverb included. We recorded seventeen songs in three days, between covers and originals, but in the end we decided to release twelve tracks, due to the limited vinyl capacity. Ever since the record went out, we had the feeling that the response was quite good. People started to buying it at our shows and we would find our songs played at the radio as well as in album-reviewing blogs. Bar owners, festival programmers, bookers and music lovers from great part of Europe started contacting us to come play here and there. We toured in UK, France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Germany not fully realising how powerful the impact of the band was. For us it’s all about having fun on stage, rock the necks and play some dirty gritty blues and rhythm ’n’ blues. The performance may sometimes start in a way and end in a completely different one. We might end up in some thirty minutes long medleys, as well as some psychedelic rock moments. We can also go funky sometimes. All that matters is that truth and honesty are there, without pretensions. We love to step on the footprints of our heroes, but we love to be ourselves doing it, without thinking we have to do this or that. Music is also freedom and above that we feel the connection of our brotherhood. The result is always unique, fresh, and true.

Since bursting on to the UK Blues scene with their debut record ‘The Uprising EP’ in April 2019 followed by their second EP ‘Innocence Of Youth’ in May 2020, Grace and Aaron have been going from strength to strength. The British husband and wife duo have an
ever-growing online fan base and have gained the attention of Cerys Matthews’ The Blues Show on BBC Radio 2.

Their unique harmonic vocal-led approach to song writing, dirty electric guitar, slide resonator mandolin and fiddle create a unique distinctive and contemporary blues rock sound that echoes 1970s classic rock with hints of the 1930s blues that inspire them.

Before lockdown, the duo toured the UK in their self-converted VW camper with an impressive tour schedule. Since the lockdown, the duo live stream on Facebook every Saturday at 8pm BST for their ‘Rock The Lockdown’ series attracting hundreds of thousands of views on a weekly basis. Fan engagement is second to none, while WRM fans continue to organically multiply on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On November 20th, 2020, the duo released their long-awaited debut album ‘We Fly Free’, to critical acclaim from the UK radio and rock mu

Zoë Schwarz Blue Commotion

Zoë Schwarz Blue Commotion: “A serious band with unique songs, tight instrumentation, and a powerful woman up front… edgy vocals, and scorching guitar solos.” - Blues Blast Magazine, USA 2017 “A truly independent and original band". The whole band, in its entirety, creates a luxurious and irresistible sound, displaying great skills and artistic finesse. Zoë Schwarz’ dynamic and commanding vocal delivery is both eclectic and suave at the same time; just like a chameleon, one part Janis Joplin, one Billie Holiday, and one Nina Simone”. The band’s exciting live set is based around rootsy originals; featuring strong catchy riffs, interesting arrangements and exciting grooves featuring Rob's electrifying, and unmistakable touch and flow on guitar. The highly accomplished rhythm section of Pete Whittaker-Hammond organ and Paul Robinson-drums (Nina Simone, Van Morrison, The Proclaimers, Paul McCartney to name a few) bring massive musical authority and the ability to push the music in unpredictable and exciting directions. Zoë Schwarz Blue Commotion have made a considerable impact these last five years, and is one of the band’s that have added a fresh approach and vibrancy to the UK jazz & blues scene.
The Ryk Mead Band

The Ryk Mead Band, are indeed a blues band but by definition a lot more. A Stunning Power Blues, Jazz, Rock Trio. Through playing many different styles of music it has always been the case that the blues has had a deep influence on whatever type of material I’ve played. As time progressed, so did the inclination to select the more obscure and less trodden path of song and material I wanted to play. It's hard to say whether this is my influence on the other members of the band or if the others have joined because they feel the same about the way music has influenced them. Whatever the case my band has developed a style of its own. When i play live the set may change from night to night. We might suddenly change an arrangement or change direction at any moment within a song. The basis of the song stays the same but things change, imagination and feel for the moment take over; something new is created. Not even the guy’s in the band know when it's coming. This creates a tension and excitement that means things evolve and develop night by night. With hard work it becomes possible. This makes every gig potentially electrifying and new.

A howlin’ blues three piece - harmonica, guitar, drums – modelled after acts on the Fat Possum label such as RL Burnside and T Model Ford and in the tradition of Hound Dog Taylor and the like. But we also throw in a good heap of Little Walter and New Orleans music, including Professor Longhair and James Booker, making for a unique mix. We’ve been featured in Blues in Britain and our debut CD, a mix of originals and covers, has been getting radio airplay on blues programmes around the country and the US. Our motto: “Work all day for money, fight all night for love.”